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EDMS Teaser Intro
Video by Steven.

Final Thesis

This is a bit late, but we spent some time on research as well to solidify insight into the issue of public education and commoditization.

via Google Docs: Click to view

A Day in the Life at EDMS: Showcasing


So after much discussion. We will be showcasing our project, but it will be the morning this Friday. Very short notice but as I have to go to work at 1, it’s the only time. We have decided not to showcase at galbraith hall because it does not suit our project. Reading the emails being sent, I…

Go-stein: Frame DONE


So Friday we went to the park and set up our frame. Its complete. We had just enough fabric about 20 yards. When we exhibit we’re going to hold down the fabric with twistie ties, because that’s the cheapest way. We will have sand bags around the frame to keep it a little more stable as well.

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Behind curtains.


So we went back to Home Depot and got the PVC pipes cut again….FOR FREE! HOORAY for free things. We also went back to Wal-Mart to get an extra bulk of fabric because the ten yards we had won’t be enough to cover the frame.

I had to drive back…

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Final Presentation (Slideshow) ?

Check out the PowerPoint we presented in class. Most of the content is already on this website, however it also features photos from final ceremony/performance.

via Google Docs: Click to view

Note: Excuse the font and quality, upload conversion must have messed it up.

Scott: Final Performance - Marketing ?



Double-sided postcards distributed to our customers. It helped better inform people of our project’s background and intentions.

View more here.

UCIRA Exhibition Update


This is what I got from the emails.

1. Exhibit WILL NOT take place at the reception in the Theatre District and the Loft on Nov. 19 and 20 from 5:30-7pm.


Exhibit will not take place in those rooms because of undergraduates being under 21.

2. Too late to make any changes event is next week

BUT… hasn’t the loft and any UCSD event always tagged people who were over 21 with a wrist band or something?………….

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A Day in the Life at EDMS: Tent Failure and Solutions ?


So on Friday we had met up to construct our wonderful tent. We also decided that we needed to do some group planning before we continued on. Changes that were made:

1) Motion sensing music, s-s-scratch that. It was very glitchy and I do not hope for graduation music to be on at the wrong time….

Go-stein: Logistics ?


So our group discussed the final logistics for the project.

Booth Diagram

(The diagram was made using the Eagle program! haha Primarily used for circuitry diagrams….. thank you electrical engineers!)

The tent was definitely too big being 8’ x 4’ x 7’ (l x w x h). We originally planned it as a hideout….

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